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                   Reiki and Concussions  

  In recent years there has been growing concern regarding Concussions, stemming from head trauma in sports. This concern continues to grow and must not be ignored.  There even is a movie with Will Smith  called #TheConcussionMovie .  This movie is about a neuro-pathologist named Bennet Omalu who discovered CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encepalopathy on the brains of deceased football and some baseball players. It has raised awareness of how important it is to protect the brain when playing contact sports

   Playing or watching contact sports is enjoyable for many, so whether you enjoy contact sports or not, they are not going away.  We are determined to help make them better. It is our goal to help keep sports physically and neurologically safer.  New England Sports Reiki was born with that goal in mind. We are in the business of healing and our focus is on sports.

   With the news reports of studies done on the brains of deceased football and baseball players, as well as the other neurological related injuries connected to sports head trauma, it is so important that sports teams be informed of the necessity of Medical Reiki practice for healing concussions. Reiki renews traumatized cells of the body  The brain does not have to maintain injury if treated properly.

   Historically in the medical field, rest and keeping away from repeating the head trauma, has been the only prescription to heal from concussions.  This plus time. People feel pretty helpless beyond this as they just wait, hoping for the brain to recover from the trauma they have
received. How frustrating for so many, who just want to return to their lives without ongoing headaches, visual and auditory disturbances, as well as anxiety, depression and feeling out of it. 

                                  Do not give up hope!

   Through my years of treating physical and neurological injuries as a Registered Nurse and in my Medical Reiki practice, I have found the missing link to helping my clients and patients heal better from injuries and concussion symptoms.  You don't have to just wait for the symptoms to hopefully resolve on there own, now you have New England Sports Reiki to help.  

 "I never thought I would feel right again"  is a common remark I hear after having provided Reiki sessions for a person trying to recover from a concussion.     
                                                                             - Marybeth M. Lang RN  

                    Now you know there is hope!

     As a  popular featured speaker, at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon NH, I advise their Traumatic Brain Injury support group of how important receiving energy field healing is to their recovery from head trauma. You deserve to feel better and to have good medical treatment with energy medicine.  It is up to you to call us so we can help you.    
   Lets keep Sports fun and safe especially for the players. They work hard to bring us enjoyment & they should be protected. New England Sports Reiki helps athletes with that.
                         Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN                  
                         Traditional Usui Reiki Master

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