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 New England Sports Reiki   was founded by Registered Nurse and Traditional Reiki Master Marybeth McKinnon Lang, who has trained many people on the application of Reiki in and outside of the medical field since 2004 as well as treated thousands of people with Reiki since 1999. She is known by many as " The Sports Nurse".

    She has found that by utilizing her experience in Reiki practice to enhance the energy field surrounding a sports injury, the body will take over and heal that injury faster. Just as it has for many years with her clients and patients recovering from illness and surgery.

 ( My Dad as head coach at Medford H.S.)
As an experienced professional in the area of treating injuries and illnesses with Reiki as well as the daughter of a retired head football coach, Marybeth knows how important Reiki is for athletes. Especially professional athletes since you need to be in top physical and emotional condition. 
                                        Client Testimonials

" In the summer I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I did have my helmet on, but, this was not my first concussion. After 4 months of utilizing physical therapy and some acupuncture without lasting results. I had heard about Marybeth and her work with concussions from a friend of mine, so I contacted her.  I started receiving Reiki treatments from Marybeth and the results were beyond amazing. The auditory and visual disturbances decreased almost right away and with a few more sessions I was back doing things I had done prior to my concussion. I also was able to return to my work which I was not sure when I would be able to if at all. Thank You for healing me Marybeth! "                   
                                                                                              - C. K. -  Massachusetts  
    "I had been told that I would need surgery for an injury to my right ankle. I had scheduled one of my appointments with Marybeth Lang for stress relief. When I went for a session with Marybeth she scanned my body with her hand and asked what was going on with my right ankle. I had not told her about my ankle, she picked up on it while scanning my energy field. I told her that I had injured my right ankle and that the doctor I had seen, said surgery was needed. She worked on my whole body with extra attention to my right ankle. After that session I had no pain in the ankle. She worked on it again and I did not end up needing the surgery on my ankle."                       
                                                          - Michelle M. Massachusetts 

 "After sustaining a concussion from a severe head trauma, I suffered with ear pain, headaches, memory loss and confusion while driving. After being diagnosed with a concussion during a visit to my physician, I was informed by him to rest, take it easy and try to avoid another blow to my head. I am a Reiki practitioner myself and knew the benefits of Reiki so I contacted Marybeth Lang who was my teacher and told her what I had been through with the Concussion. She immediately started doing a Reiki treatment on me remotely and stayed in contact with me till I could come in for a hands on treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that contacting Marybeth and receiving healing from her not only reduced my symptoms especially the pain, but, helped me recover more quickly from the other symptoms of my concussion. I highly recommend  Reiki treatment for recovery from a concussion. Marybeth Lang in my opinion is the best at this."                            
                                                                           Christine Lawson, Danvers Mass.         

 "Reiki sessions with Marybeth at New England Sports Reiki helped to heal my knee to the extent that I avoided surgery. I then sent my wife to her who had been told she needed shoulder surgery, she utilized Medical Reiki with her for the shoulder issue and my wife avoided surgery also. The shoulder pain went away."
                                                                                        - Christopher L.    Massachusetts

   "When I injured my shoulder during the second game of the football season I thought my season had ended. I had heard from a family member about the great results Marybeth Lang was having with her Reiki practice so I contacted her.  I received weekly Reiki sessions to my shoulder from Marybeth starting a few days after my injury. My shoulder got better and I was able to continue to lead my team on to win the 2002 Eastern Conference Championship that year."       
                                                                                - Shawn Brady,  Massachusetts
   * Quarterback for the 2002 Championship Northeastern Football Team   

   " After suffering from a concussion for 2 years, I met Marybeth Lang at a country fair we were attending. She was offering Reiki treatment in her area of the country fair. I told her about my problems with the post concussive symptoms. She offered to do some Reiki to my head.  I had been trained as a Reiki practitioner and when she asked me if I had been doing self Reiki treatment, I told her no I had not. I had even forgotten how to do that for myself. When she placed her hands on my head I cannot tell you the unbelievable relief I felt. I started to cry it was so comforting. I told her the next day at the country fair that I had slept so well and I have not felt this good since before my concussion 2 years ago. I thank God for letting me meet up with this woman. She was like an angel I needed."
                                                                   - Donna E.  New York
 You really want to try treatment with New England Sports Reiki for your sports related injury. Many people know the benefits and you should too.  New England Sports Reiki is dedicated to getting our success with energy field healing, to be a wonderful addition for those in the World of Athletics.  Give us a call today and we will be happy to give you all the information you need to learn or begin energy field healing to keep you healthy, the way you want to be!
                           We look forward to helping you!
                                        Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
                                           Traditional Reiki Master
                                         New England Sports Reiki

              Marybeth McKinnon Lang is a founding member of the
                                 Vermont Reiki Association.