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    Healthy Brains and Bodies sparkle with innovation and creativity! In sports you need both. Do not let a #concussion end your career or effect the rest of your life. We can help you and show you how to continue to help yourself !   

                                                                     - Marybeth Lang RN 
Maintaining the health of your body and brain is so important in sports as in everyday life. The medical field can replace knees, shoulders, hips  as well as other organs of your body. They cannot replace your brain though.  That is why it is crucial to know about what is available for staying healthy and injury protected in contact sports. Especially where your brain is concerned. A contact sports career has a limit, but, your brain is needed for a lifetime.

   What is Medical Reiki practice? It is an effective, hands-on energy based therapy that is researched, effective, provided by medical professionals and needed in sports. Whether you are in Pee Wee or Professional sports what we have to offer is unique when compared to conventional medicine. Concussion treatment can be simple or multifaceted depending on the symptoms. Reiki practice should be on the top of your treatment list no matter what the symptoms.
  New England Sports Reiki has many of  the most experienced and top trained Reiki practitioners around, our results give testimony to this. The energy field healing we offer is natural, effective and easy to utilize. It can be applied immediately in any situation, which is so important for healing. What we provide is referred to as medicine for the bio-field. When we treat an injury through our specialized practice, the energy field improves which in turn helps the body to heal faster in the way it is meant to, naturally!

For more information on Reiki classes and research go to  We can teach you how to treat yourself and with ongoing support as well.
               How can Reiki help in athletics?

-  It can help speed the healing of injuries up to 50% faster.
-  We offer the top treatment for head injuries/concussions besides rest for recovery. Very important!
- Help improve focus and concentration as it reduces stress.
- Reduce exertion recovery time.
- Strengthen the immune system
- Reduce the need for pain medication.
- Works in conjunction with the Trainer and Athletic medical treatment currently used to improve and enhance the effectiveness.
- Reiki enhances the natural abilities of the player
- Reiki helps to keep sports safer and more enjoyable.  

    The practice of Traditional Usui Reiki has been utilized in America since the early 1970's as a complementary medicine for illnesses, stress and recovery from trauma. Since then
the use of Reiki has grown around the world.  Anyone who is willing can learn how to unleash their healing energy ability. However not everyone who learns Reiki believes or is taught deeply how the  self-practice of it by the practitioner  is so important for the client they are treating as well as for themselves. We at New England Sports Reiki do believe in this and combine it with our extensive experience in alternative healing.

   Spiritually guided medical Reiki practice is an excepted form of nursing practice in hospitals and now it is available in Sports medicine through New England Sports Reiki.  
   When athletes receive treatment from New England Sports Reiki they heal faster and bounce back from trauma more completely.
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                      Marybeth Lang RN - Owner
                         Traditional Reiki Master